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Proudly working with all major manufacturers

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Any Manufacturer. Any Style.

Looking for a single location with any and all hearing care solutions?

Signia, Oticon, Phonak, Starkey, ReSound, Widex, Unitron.

Let us test and reset your current set no matter the manufacturer!

Book Appointment Call Now How to book Follow-up Care

Work Directly with the Owner

Ryan Conklin owner/operator has been independently working 3+ locations since the beginning of the business.

He has a reputation in the industry as being one of the hardest workers in the industry working with all major manufacturers for close to a decade.

You need your hearing aids tested and reset every 6 months in order to stay happily hearing. Ryan wants to be your service provider. Give him a call today!

Book Appointment Call Now How to book Follow-up Care

 Same Day Service

Ready to hear now? Got a hearing aid that needs repair? Text Ryan at 480.862.4327 and request same day service, today!

 Not every type of hearing loss requires the use of hearing aids.

Schedule a hearing consultation to get all the information you need on what type of loss you have and the appropriate next steps.

three different types

Once we find you are a candidate remember

Follow up care is crucial!

 We recommend testing your hearing and resetting the hearing aids every 6 months at any of our 3 convenient locations

How to Find Us

Follow the text and picture directions below to easily find Ryan no matter which office he is working

Check in with Front Desk on the right

North Scottsdale

Walk in. Take right. Take right. Couple doors down on the left. Ring doorbell to check in.


Take outside elevator to 4th floor. Entrance is couple doors down on left will say Executive Suites. Ring Doorbell to check in

Metro Business Center

Rechargeable Bluetooth streaming comes standard

Enjoy direct streaming of your favorite music and audio books directly in your hearing aids at no additional cost. Check out our Bluetooth pairing guides if you ever lose connection or get a new phone. It's never been a better time to fix your hearing! 

Hearing Health AZ

Hearing in Background Noise has never been easier

Hearing Health AZ

Modern Technology

Hearing Health Az providing hearing care in the Greater Phoenix Area for close to 5 years. We know convenience is important that's why Ryan has personally been running 3+ locations since the beginning of the business. Can you put a price on working directly with the owner of a company? Depending on your previous hearing care experiences it could be priceless. Call or book online today! 

Hearing Health AZ

Guaranteed Results

All hearing aids come with a 30 day trial. You will realize it will only take 2 weeks for you to know if the recommended aid are going to work for you or not. We usually start you at 90% of the normal range the first week. Then we will boost you to the normal range the 2nd week. Finally we will test and reset everything on week 3 to smooth out the sound wave after working out the nerves for a couple weeks. Give us a try and trial to see if they will work for you. 

Hearing Health AZ

Hearing Health Az Difference

  • Free hearing screenings and aid demonstrations

  • Unbiased recommendations based on your test results

  • 30 day trial in 3 convenient locations across the greater Phoenix area

  • Accepts most insurance plans

  • Better results in fewer appointments

  • Get fit by the owner of the company