Work with who cares the most

Ryan Conklin has been helping people hear in multiple states for close to a decade. He prides himself on giving the client the choice in any major manufacturer. In order to get recommended amount of volume you will need time to adjust over multiple visits. Its then recommended get your hearing aids tested and reset every 6 months for the rest of your life. Having reviewed the John Hopkins Studies relating to hearing loss, he knows its more than just simply speech understanding. Its your hearing health! 

A health professional sitting in his chair

The Choice is Yours

We have no quota, no manager, just a will to continue hearing care in the Greater Phoenix Area. Working with the same provider to professionally manage your hearing your entire life will give you the best results. We will test and reset your hearing aids whenever you choose to give both of us the confidence we are doing everything we can to get you hearing. 

Trial Period

We are so confident we can get you hearing we don't mind reminding you, you have a trial period. The last thing we want is for a client to have a product they don't use. Most problems with hearing aids only take a minute to solve you just need to let us know your experience! If you are a current client reading this and not happy with your hearing aids give us a call today so we can fix it! 


What We Do with the Money